Biofeedback-Training Instrument
The handy convenient relaxation helper for everyone who wants to learn relaxation Methods

What is a biofeedback device?
A biofeedback device is an instrument that provides a visual or auditory signal corresponding to the status of one or more of a patients' physiological parameters (e.g., muscle activity, skin temperature, electric skin response, etc.) so that the patient can control voluntarily these physiological parameters.

What is the RELAXOMAT used for?
The RELAXOMAT is a biofeedback device that measures the variations of the electrical skin resistance and displays them optically and acoustically.

The variation of the electrical skin resistance is a measure for emotional excitement since this resistance subsides in a state of excitement and is elevated when a person is emotionally calm.

Anyone can use RELAXOMAT as a very efficient device for relaxation training as well as during the rest periods in everyday stress. The RELAXOMAT is especially appropriate for persons engaged in top competitive athletic training.

Illustration of RELAXOMAT with operating elements

Technical ratings and general hints
The RELAXOMAT is operated with a 9-volt battery This low voltage makes sure that using the RELAXOMAT is absolutely harmless. The optical display of the study of skin is achieved by light scale with eight blinking light points. The digits 1 to 8 at the light points indicate the degree of relaxation The deeper the state of relaxation, the more the light point goes to the left, ie, towards digit 1

The acoustic display occurs via a built-in loudspeaker through a tone that becomes deeper the greater the degree of relaxation increases Loudness can be adjusted by means of the lower rotary controller When using the earphone included in the kit, the loudspeaker is automatically switched off The basic resistance of the skin is individually different The RELAXOMAT takes this fact into account The operating elements for coarse and fine adjustments provide for a precise adaptation to the respective type of skin Course measurement of the personal skin resistance is done by the left hand switch which is divided into 3 zones.

1.2 megohms to 2 megohms large bar
700 kiloohms to 1 5 megohms medium bar
Approximately 0 kiloohm to 800 kiloohms small bar

Fine adjustment occurs with the upper rotary controller Thus user's fine skin resistance is brought onto the display range of the lighting scale The sensitivity with which the RELAXOMAT reacts to variations of the skin resistance during application can adjusted by means of the right hand sliding sensitivity switch This is also done in three zones The large triangle marks the greatest sensitivity while the small one indicates the least sensitivity.

The RELAXOMAT is not equipped with a separate on-off switch device It switches on automatically when applying the finger electrodes Switch-off occurs as soon as there is no longer any contact between the electrodes and the fingertips Thus, the device cannot be switched on inadvertently.

The RELAXOMAT incorporates internal and external electrodes. The internal finger electrodes are mounted directly under nealth the finger strap on the left hand side of the housing. The external finger electrodes can be connected at the left hand socket.