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Until now, there were choices to be made. Compromises. You couldn't have it all in one instrument Now you can, with the new standard in EMG biofeedback. Autogenic's, Advanced Technology AT33 with its innovative use of an on board microprocessor, the AT33 provides unprecedented power in a portable EMG instrument. Power for built-in data collection and analyses. Power for expanded audio and visual feedback selections. All in an affordable, portable instrument.

What Can Our New AT33 EMG Do? Everything.


All AT-33 instrument control settings are at your fingertips. Simply press the desired button on the panel to change control settings, record or display session data, or select a feedback option.

Statistical Analysis Capabilities

Only AT series instruments from Autogenics have built in statistical analysis capabilities. Simply press the AT's Statistics button when you're ready to begin collecting data. Press it again at the end of the session to display the session mean, maxima, minima and standard deviation on its large LED readout. These statistics can be manually recorded for documenting patient progress, and providing reinforcement to the patient.

Exclusive Time Period Integration

The AT33 is the only portable biofeedback instrument with time period integration (TPI). This unique feature lets you select whether the numeric display provides feedback in real time - or updates only once, every 1,2, 4,10 or 60 seconds with the mean EMG for that time interval. Using TPI makes training progress clearer to the patient, and documentable (through manual recording of data) by the therapist.

Audio Feedback

Long recognized for quality audio feedback, Autogenics has established a new benchmark with the AT33. Use of a built-in audio synthesizer has created a synergistic blend of the old with the new. Audio selections include the familiar integrated clicks and continuous tone and a new melodic piano tone scale. Audio feedback engineered to quickly and clearly convey changes in EMG activity.

Visual Feedback

The AT33 features three visual feedback selections: (1) an LED numerical display, (2) an LED lightbar (engineered to simulate analog meter feedback and a time-period averaged numerical display that lets you control the speed at which information feeds back to your patient.

The Most Sensitive EMG Available

The AT33 has amazing sensitivity. It is the only EMG capable of displayingEMG changes below 0.1 microvolt. (It accurately displays EMG changes of 0.04 uv or greater.) Part of the secret behind this unprecedented sensitivity is the AT33's auto-ranging- decimal point. It allows the numerical display to automatically adjust across the entire range of 0.01 to 999.0 uv. There are no range knobs or switches to adjust.

Simply the Finest: Buy With Confidence

Autogenic's AT33 is the new state-of-the-art in EMG biofeedback. It combines advanced technology performance and appearance, with an affordable price. We guarantee your satisfaction.

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