Winaura Software 4.0 
(handplate and dongle necessary for use - 50 MB)

You need: Winaura Dongle, Winaura handplate / Aura Camera handplate and with this software for Win95/98 and the webcam 3com HomeConnect PC Digital Camera, it is possible to view the aura in real time on a computer monitor.

With this Windows program it is possible to make the colors of the aura around a video picture while the person is moving, speaking, making gestures, feeling, responding and reacting and everything is visible on the computer screen. The person lays his hand on the aurasensor bio handplate and immediately you can explore the world of aura colors. In the same time you can also make a printout of the temporary state of being and you can have an analysis in German or English of the seen aura colours. Display modes: Portrait, Whole body aura with 7 chakras and upper half of the body.

Features of the current version 4.0:

Special features speaking for Winaura:

 • Sit in front of the video camera:

 • Place your hand on the Bio-sensor…

• the Biosensor measures your Electrodermal temperature and heart rate. The data is processed and displayed as emotional responses as well as your state of being.

• the Aura Image that appears on the screen is a representation of your Aura and will change whenever an emotional, mental or physical change occurs within the person.

Winaura adjusts the aura display to the movements of the client and ist not static:

Clear overview with many functions on screen while working with the program (Click on picture for details):

View the energetic status of inner organs (Click on picture for details):

Have a printout of your data and pictures via your printer:

You want almost photo quality? With the settings of the start screen and the snapshot facility you can easily achieve this. (Click on picture for details):

You want your aura being displayed with all chakras ? No problem (Click on pictures for details):

The Winaura Start Screen offers many switches to adapt the settings (Click on picture for details):


Whole package contains:

Note: Does not include PC or VideoCam